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With almost 30 years of broadcasting under his belt, it's hardly surprising that he might want a bit more 'me' time.

"I'm thinking in my head that while I enjoy all the jobs that I do, equally I could imagine working less, not stopping, but working less," the Irish Mirror reported that he told the is, of course, not the only thing that he has in his repertoire.

joining its famous makeshift living room setup to promote whatever they're working on, it has seen some of the most iconic television interviews, well, ever.

But with it currently off the air and some question marks around its host, what's actually going on with Don't panic.

He resides in London and also owns an apartment in New York City. He was involved in a near-fatal mugging incident on the streets of London in 1989.

He survived and was in the hospital for nearly 2.5 weeks.

This show then was transferred to BBC One and had a new format of one-hour duration.

He does programs on the radio as well and is openly gay.

This summer it was revealed that Graham has earned an annual salary of £600,000 [€675,000] and £609,999 [€686,000] by his work on BBC radio and TV and speaking to The Daily Mirror he said that he saves money and does not spend wildly.

But, if the next series were to follow suit, then we'd expect Graham to return to screens in a few months' time. This might seem like an obvious answer on the face of it – but hang in there with us for a moment.

For the very first time in its history, Graham Norton missed an episode in order to prepare for this year's Eurovision Song Contest grand final in Tel Aviv, Israel.

It's perfectly normal for Norton to take some time off for the summer – because who doesn't deserve a holiday?

If you've been a viewer for a while, you'll be aware of the show's traditional break already.

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