Get a life dating sim walkthrough

¤ A easy way to rise your number is by answering correctly to the characters(Heart bubble appears).

copied the trainer into the folder, but don't open it.

tipss ¤ Try to focus mostly only on the character whose ending you want to get, since raising affection takes quite some time(it raises quicker if you give gifts that they like). So when you choose the chat option, think what would be the positive answer.

¤ You can only go watch the movies and go swimming if nobody has expired(aka gone back to the real world).

One of my stated goals in making this new version was to avoid having to get Ariane drunk to do anything.

I accomplished that goal, but the getting drunk scenarios are still there.

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On top of the pepper that's on the right-most table. Where people expire expr ¤ Bryce: In front of the cinema.

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