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Mahatma Gandhi, Idi Amin and Steve Jobs are among the most notable fruitarians.Some say there is evidence that Leonardo Da Vinci was a fruitarian as well.We cannot do this without financial support from people like you.Become a GEM member and enjoy exclusive briefings from our staff and more - for a month.

The difference is that a raw vegan diet includes creative dishes made up of dehydrated foods which can be made into an endless number of dishes.

The fruitarian community in Israel, says a vegan friend over lunch recently, has not been given fair representation in the media.

But with a prime spot on the latest Big Brother reality television show last month, Israel could be showing new signs of acceptance.

The fruitarian diet is an extreme form of a raw vegan diet.

Those who follow a fruitarian way of life eat only ripe fruits, and what they eat is limited to the parts of the plant that does not require killing the plant.

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