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By providing such optional information, you confirm your intention and, consequently, expressly consent to, and take sole responsibility for, the processing of this mentioned “sensitive” data by us and our group companies, and their service providers located within and outside of the European Union. I globalno i lokalno obeležen Svetski dan sajamske industrije. Even better—the housing inventory for homes that are not short-sales or foreclosures is very low.) Redesign of entries & categories in Sobi Pro's c Panel (!) Description in entry form uses full width (not longer limited to field width) (#) Font Awesome 3 local does not show icons in front-end datepicker (#) Solution to overcome Joomla's Ico Moon when Font Awesome 3 is loaded via CDN (#) Typo in page-header CSS class (#) Section redirect parameters won't be processed if section is unpublished (#) Calendar Field in entry form shown wrong (CSS) (#) Notice in File/lib/models/field.php: 295 (#) 'Fill in required fields' message if no value for max.

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Styles for version comparison screen improved (-) Suffix setting removed from image field (#) Checkboxes for backend settings are again vertically ordered (#) Re-define standard Bootstrap btn link colours (b3-default3 only) (#) If no custom label for a URL set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (2nd try) (#) If no custom label for an email set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (2nd try) (#) Double row container for categories list removed (b3-default3 only) (#) Select list and 0 in name (Issue #1723) (#) Dependant list needs to be selected on every search (Issue #1703) (#) Syntax error in example data for information field (Issue #1726) (#) Cleaning escaped slashes in autosuggest (Issue #1709) (#) Exception for in redirects URLs (Issue #1737) (#) Missing HTML element in default3 payments template (Issue #1738) (#) Wrong hover colour for datepicker buttons in back-end (#) No prices on payment screen if VAT is 0 (#) Discounts not calculated if VAT is 0 (#) Payment information is not being refreshed after user changes selected options (#) Missing distance for dependency list in entry and search forms (#) Dependency error message if selecting parents is not allowed, is truncated (#) Double select label for dependency select lists in search form (#) CSS cache is trying to load CSS files over URL (Issue #1745) (#) Dependency select list shows wrong option in views (#) Dependency select list shows 0 instead of parent option in views (Issue #1711) (#) Don't save a wrong value if dependency select list is unselected (#) Search phrase labels missing (Issue #1749) (#) Wrong button type for search phrase buttons (#) Width for radio buttons and checkbox groups in entry and search form too small (#) JSON settings file isn't loaded when using template override (#) No possibility to adjust RSS settings for categories (#) Missing size and label settings in search form for checkbox groups and radio buttons (#) Section meta data are added always to meta data of entry and search forms (#) Discard Changes while rejection of an entry never worked (#) Comparision library (php-diff) updated to work with PHP7 (Issue #1760) ( ) Message shown if used template does not longer exist ( ) Auto-generate placeholders for alias fields (nid) ( ) Changing class names and CSS scope while duplicating a template ( ) Categories field in categories list ( ) Support for panels in Bootstrap 3 default template (-) Option to choose the side of checkbox and radio buttons removed as not supported by Bootstrap (#) Notice in entry form for category field (#) Wrong label shown in textarea for categories field settings (#) Changes in router for calendar field listing navigation with suffix (#) Missing settings for inbox in category fields (#) Missing template override in navigation (#) If image won't be re-sized/cropped but original available, original wasn't used (#) No image type selectable for image field in category view (#) Call to undefined method SPDate Listing::get Date Entries() (Issue #1707) ( ) Image field: original image name without extension used for alt and title tag ( ) Possibility to add custom fields to a category ( ) Colour styles for Gallery field added ( ) Possibility to redirect to login page if only registered users can add entries in B3-default3 template ( ) Support for base fee for an entry added ( ) Cmd S and Ctrl S shortcuts - if applicable will save entry, category, settings ( ) Coupon field support added to the payment template file ( ) CSS template scope added ( ) List of most popular, new and awaiting approval entries in CPanel ( ) Support for Entries Module added to the templates settings ( ) ACL to the XML output (!and Sobi Pro symbol wrong/missing in category edit screen (Issue #1660) (#) Several small layout issues in back-end fixed (#) Ensuring that no negative limit Start can be passed to a query (#) If no custom label for a URL set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (#) If no custom label for an email set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (#) Notices in router (Issue #1678) (#) Select List - dependency method: wrong option displayed (Issue #1694) (#) Notices in multilingual mode (Issue #1693) (#) Email and URL field show label value even if custom title option is disabled (Issue #1689) (#) Loading in editor; causing issue while using Code Mirror (Issue #1687) (#) Application's LESS file being compiled even if it doesn't exist yet (Issue #1677) (#) Sub-subcategories not visible in category views (Issue #1685) (#) Added Windows 10 to trusted operating systems (Issue #1630) (#) Router: added slash at the end of particular URLs ( ) Category field: new category selector (populated select list) ( ) Category field: sorting of categories in entry form adjustable ( ) Tooltip colours now correspond to base colour for B3-default3 template ( ) General distance classes for distances on top and bottom in B3-default3 template ( ) Template hook added on bottom of all views ( ) Google Fonts selectable from template settings ( ) Link Bar instead of Top Menu selectable from template settings ( ) Selected option id in select list and radio button added as attribute into XML output ( ) Possibility to ignore storing in default language (!

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