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Fill the Void (2012) A look into the life of a Hasidic woman set to marry, until a great tragedy turns her life upside down, “Fill the Void” depicts the world of Hasidic Jews in Israel and the choices they face every day.Filmed and produced by Rama Burshtein, the first Orthodox Jewish woman to make a full-length feature film for international distribution, this piece of cinema helped pave the way for Orthodox Jewish voices in Israeli film, and for audiences to see life through a female lens.Late Summer Blues (1987) A film that young Israelis still relate to, “Late Summer Blues” poignantly captures the hopes, fears and realities of a group of Israeli teenagers in Tel Aviv about to enlist in the IDF during the early 1970s.With a war of attrition being fought along Israel’s southern border with Egypt, the group mourns the unexpected death of a friend while protesting the war through their daily actions and in one final musical performance.A coming-of-age story of Israel in the 1960s, it is a reminder of what Israel’s pioneering immigrant populations went through in order to survive and thrive against all odds here, but also of what it feels like to be a teenage girl going through the motions of life.Late Marriage (2001) Starring Israeli movie stars Lior Ashkenazi and Moni Moshonov, “Late Marriage” explores the traditional lifestyle of a Georgian family desperate to marry off their reluctant son, who is secretly in love with a woman of a different background.

Complete with dancing and musical numbers, and tales of rival gangs, it is a must-see for anyone who wants to take a deeper look into early Israeli culture.Containing the longest sex scene in Israel’s film history, “Late Marriage” is also a window into the old-world values held by this former Soviet population.Live and Become (2005) The story of an adopted Christian Ethiopian boy posing as a Jew in Israel following Operation Moses in 1984, this award-winning French-produced film shows the touching and raw reality of an immigrant as he passes major life events, from his bar mitzvah and service as an army medic to his marriage to a woman who does not know the complete truth about his past.We’ve included websites where you can find the movie with English subtitles.CLASSICS Alex Holeh Ahava (Alex is Lovesick) (1986) Following a young Polish boy around the time of his bar mitzvah celebration, “Alex Holeh Ahava” is about puppy love and hilariously eccentric families.

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