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To use the Net Tiers Web Library you'll need to add a connection string... And yes, by the way, don't forget to add references to your Data, Entities, and Web projects, by right clicking on your web project / web site and selecting 'Add Reference'.Strongly Typed Data Source controls: You will find that just by typing Productivity Enabler When you select the Select Method Attribute, you will see via intellisense a list of all available methods from your domain. Simple Web Form Example: Here's an example of a simple webform in it's minimilist form, that would display a grid of all Employees with Auto-Generated columns.Feel free to write a support ticket to send a sample project. Best wishes, Konstantin Petkov the Telerik team I tried your suggestion about putting the manager outside the formview (which I had already) and moving the ajax settings into the code behind.

You simply have the grid call the Edit/Delete/Insert command, which can be done a variety of ways in 2.0. And you should have a functional Grid View with paging and sorting!His dedication is definitely there, but I think after the third time with no dates I’d probably try something else.That information made the big wheel in my head just keep on turning.This only happens the 1st time and all subsequent postbacks happen via AJAX. Also, when more than 1 Rad Ajax Panels are on the same page, it seems that all the other update panels work fine on their 1st trigger, it's just the first request from any of them that seems to be a problem.These are inside a formview in a user control, if that matters.

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