Florida law on teen dating

I am proud to support Amendment 6 (Marsy’s Law), which will amend the state constitution to ensure crime victims and their families are treated fairly in Florida.

Florida stands with victims - we have taken important steps in our state to protect those who need it most, and we must continue to do that in the future.

Your child support judgment may say payments shall be made through the FSDU.

That is shorthand indicating the state will accept and disburse child support payments.

If your employer deducts support because of an Income Withholding Order, the money always flows through the FSDU Even if your judgment indicates when child support will end, you must get an order from a judge terminating the disbursement unit account.

For the first three months, the youth can drive only during daylight hours. Any violation of this curfew can result in license suspension and revocation as well as infraction fines.

After the three months are complete, the teen can drive (with supervision) until 10 p.m. The restricted license also requires the holder to be enrolled in school (or a similar institution) with satisfactory attendance.

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