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The key is to do this periodically, especially during big cleanings (like spring) or after some negative events have occurred in the home (like a big fight with your spouse).Crystals have been used throughout humanity to bring forth healing and positive energy.And perhaps the most popular stone is clear quartz for its beauty and many functions.Crystal expert Hibiscus Moon has two videos that can help you choose crystals for your living room and your bedroom.From selecting houseplants that usher in good luck and fortune to choosing artwork that inspires gathering together with loved ones over a meal, we're constantly on the lookout for ways to bring the good vibes home using this ancient Chinese art.After all, if a few small design tweaks can boost your productivity or improve your quality of sleep, why wouldn't you decorate your home accordingly?While it can get as complicated as ensuring that an entire structure is built properly, there are actually some simple Feng Shui techniques you can use to improve your living space this spring.

Choose crystals based on the energy you want to receive.

Aside from creating a positive flow of energy, proper lighting and colors also help us lift our moods.

These two additions to a room are good for our health, making it a win win situation.

They light sage and let the smudge clear the energy of the home.

Other methods include using sound, spraying essential oils, or just pure intention.

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Lighting is very important in a home regardless of whether or not you follow Feng Shui.

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