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Actually, they will often lie that the lack of funds is the reason why you cannot see each other in person, perhaps suggesting that a small loan could solve this problem.Naturally it’s smart to not give them any money, but it’s best to completely stay away from such crooks for your own good.Scammers will use any tool that they have available to trick you into sharing sensitive information or giving them money.If you’ve signed up for an online dating service, it’s likely that you’ve been messaged by some fake online profiles.An empty or barely-complete profile page is a telling sign, as might be an abundance of typos.Everyone makes spelling errors every now and then but if the would-be partner cannot handle basic grammar, then the chances are high that it’s a con artist looking to get a piece of your wallet.You should also be skeptical when inspecting their photos.If they only have one picture or multiple ones with cheap filters on them, then approach with great caution.

While these lies are not much of a threat, there are people who create profiles that are 100% made up.The same could be said about images with a ‘stock photo’ vibe: perhaps they are suspiciously cropped, poorly enlarged or have a plain or white background.Still the biggest giveaway that you are dealing with a scammer is when they ask for money even before meeting.It is becoming more and more common and more and more difficult to spot fake profiles as they are becoming more and more carefully crafted to deceive those who are targeted.In fact, around 1 in 10 online dating profiles are fake, with “romance scams” garnering nearly 50 million dollars per year in total.

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It’s the stuff of nightmares, fake profiles scams are the far opposite of what you see on the commercials (Happy couples dancing to the jingle).

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