It started with a single sunflower on your front porch one early Saturday morning. You’re beauty is a radiance that forces sunflowers to follow you, for it outshines the sun.You glanced around to hopefully catch a glimpse of your suitor.Not seeing anyone you brought the flower in and put them in a vase of water.

You shuddered at the feeling of the rug rubbing against your feet. He always did this, he always held you like a teddy bear.You saw a familiar figure down the path a little bit but before you could establish who it was, the wind picked up and whirled the summer snow around you.The fluffy snow storm danced around you like Russian ballerinas leaping and twirling around you.“I would like to give you this, da,” he said, revealing a sunflower behind his back and thrust it at you.You peered at the note and reconized the same loopy hand writing that was on the other notes.

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You probably would’ve died from embarrassment if you had to meet those violet eyes.

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