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You make plans, get your voice heard, and assert what you couldn’t in your first marriage.

If you and your first partner couldn’t or didn’t grow and change in compatible ways, finding someone new can be liberating from those parts of yourself you have moved away from, grown out of, or have simply chosen to release.

That means that there are more people out there like you. While it is true that those in midlife probably have more complicated lives—an ex (or two or three), children and relationship wounds—many of the folks will be wiser, more mature and will have a healthier perspective on what really matters in life than their younger counterparts.

You Will Need Patience and Perseverance I tell people that if you hate dating, date more.

It’s ominous in post-divorce dating land; there are too many online dating sites to count, and apparently, if you do venture out, there are profile writing coaches to assist your efforts because in this saturated market, you’ll be lucky to get a swipe right.

Since my divorce was just finalised, I’m in no hurry, and although my friends smile and nod when I say I won’t do online dating, I don’t see what other options there are for a stay-at-home mum and writer who hasn’t been on a date since 1997. There was no Tinder, no OKCupid, or Match.com, and we didn’t even text. Everywhere you look now, there are online sites with ratings and swipe options and photos of men holding giant fish and women in bikinis and profiles.

First marriages are, in fact, remarkable wake-up calls and learning experiences.Cathy advises either asking a friend who has a really good eye to take you out for a photo shoot or invest in a professional photographer.And take photos outside in nature or with you doing one of your favorite activities.Yes, it’s painful to live through years of an unhappy marriage.It’s also how many of us learn who we are, what we need, and how we relate to others.

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But with the prospect of growing old alone, many people over the age of 45 ultimately start to actively date in the hopes of meeting a suitable companion.

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