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However, the character of the subducting slab has changed through time and has included subduction of normal oceanic crust, a spreading ridge, and an oceanic plateau.The latter two resulted in a change of subduction mode by inducing a shallow subduction angle.

But do they recognize all the possible sources of error? To determine the provenance of sediments, geologists are often tasked with making geological interpretations based on comparison of samples collected tens to thousands of kilometers apart, sometimes across terrane boundaries and modern or ancient ocean basins (e.g., Rainbird et al., 1992).Most efforts to quantitatively compare detrital zircon age spectra make use of non-parametric dissimilarity statistics.“The fascinating impressiveness of rigorous mathematical analysis, with its atmosphere of precision and elegance, should not blind us to the defects of the premises that condition the whole process.”—Thomas C.What we want to ask, now that this paper has shown a significant “unknown” in geological sample collection and testing, is what other unknowns are still out there? Do any of them really know how old their samples are?Subduction along the southern margin of Alaska, USA, has been ongoing since at least the Jurassic.

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