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In the season finale, Allison receives a letter from her neurologist that she needs to be seen about her brain tumor.

Meanwhile, Ariel also receives an acceptance letter from a university away from home.

Allison sometimes bends the rules when she is determined to stop a crime about which she has had a vision.

Additionally, Allison has helped and been helped by Captain Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers (Arliss Howard), the first law-enforcement person to whom Allison revealed her gift, and Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston) of Ameri Tips, a nationwide private detective agency.

Ariel also falls victim to a body possession, from which she recovers with Allison's help.

After her surgery, Allison gets back to her normal routine working alongside Devalos and Lee, with possible side effects of her surgery affecting her dreams. As the season progresses, Ariel's transformation from a young girl into a mature woman was shown in the episode "Time Keeps on Slippin'", where she solves a crime in the future.

Allison Du Bois (Patricia Arquette), a mother of three, has the gift of being able to talk to dead people, as well as foresee events and witness past events in her dreams.

One challenge is convincing Devalos — and other doubters in the criminal justice system — that her psychic abilities can give them the upper hand when it comes to solving crimes.The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules!In police investigations, Allison often accompanies Det.Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt), who initially did not believe in her gift.

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To prevent the brutal murders of her family in the future, Allison risked her life as she postponed the critical surgery fearing it would prevent her from solving the case.

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