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In the year 2010, Blast Off participated in a Decepticon attack on the planet Feminia.

He and his team merged into Bruticus in order to battle alongside Menasor and Devastator against their Autobot counterparts Superion, Defensor and Omega Supreme.

The Combaticons were dispatched to assist the Stunticons in a battle against the Aerialbots.

Together, the two teams overwhelmed the Autobot fliers, but before they could finish their enemies off, they were defeated by the newly constructed Scramble City.

Meanwhile, Blast Off was also part of Bruticus, who was watching the whole affair alongside Galvatron.

Later that year, the Decepticons attacked Cybertron in order to take control of the Plasma Energy Chamber.

He and the others then went off to help Megatron with his scheme to steal fighter aircraft from the country, and to protect his Giant Purple Griffin.

Blast Off somehow failed to notice the Autobot insignias on the stolen and disassembled Slingshot and Skydive before deeming both jets "cheap junk" and leaving.

Blast Off participated in the following battle against the Aerialbots, but lost when they ignited an oil well, creating an explosion that sent Bruticus flying.Sky Lynx, another egotistical space shuttle, gave them a merry chase, but Runamuck managed to blow up a comet to cover their escape.When the Decepticons conquered Paradron, Blast Off and Swindle guarded jail cells, but didn't do very well when Rodimus Prime and his troops arrived to rescue the prisoners.Galvatron kidnapped Doctor Dalton of Eran to upgrade the might of his combiner warriors.When the Autobot combiners arrived to save Dalton, Blast Off and his teammates were deployed at high speeds from Onslaught's launcher mode.

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