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We live in Kilimani, a neighborhood with a suburban feel, where we rent a house.When we first moved here in 2011, I was struck by all the beautiful tropical flowers.

It’s really important to us that our children see plausible versions of themselves in their toys, TV programs, books and schoolmates, but it’s not always easy to achieve here.A friend told me her family feared bad luck when they saw baby clothes she’d washed on the clothesline before her baby was born. If you hear an owl hooting near your home at night, it is believed that you will soon suffer a death in your family!Apart from superstitions, I’ve heard many Kenyan proverbs about parenting and motherhood.(Somehow I expected to dislike this tradition, thinking I’d feel a lack of personal identity, but I found I adored it from day one.) On superstitions and sayings: Many Kenyans I’ve met semi-believe in superstitions or enjoy repeating the quirky wisdom of proverbs.For example, in some tribes it’s considered bad luck to talk a lot about an unborn child, because it can leave the baby vulnerable to bad spirits.

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This week, our Motherhood Around the World series goes to Nairobi, where Tara Wambugu lives with her Kenyan husband, Jesse, and two daughters, Claire, 4, and Heidi, one and a half.

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