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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . The fabric of most happy long-term relationships is woven with dedication, consideration, patience, mutual support, and increasingly, Netflix marathons.Remember, everyone is different, and these steps may not all apply to your new beau.When I set out to write this article I wanted my topic to be, “Dating Someone with Bipolar Disorder”, but the fact is that it wouldn’t be all that accurate.

Anxiety disorders cannot be cured, but they can be treated and a person can be taught how to cope with them.

When anyone becomes extremely stressed they become more agitated and may respond inappropriately. Everyone whether they have a mental illness or not cope with things. Many people listen to music or participate in arts and crafts as a way of coping. It is also important to talk about your feelings, and let them know when they are pushing you too far. Although it may not seem like it, they really are not trying to upset you.

They are just trying to make themselves feel better and often don’t realize how much they are affecting you.

When someone with one these disorders has an episode and becomes symptomatic they may experience other mental issues such as anger, depression, anxiety, mania, antisocial behavior, and addiction.

Okay, now that I’ve briefly explained mental illness, the next step to dating someone with a mental illness is understanding them as an individual.

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