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When dates go terribly awry, there are a few things I wish I had: Floo Powder and a fireplace in order to make a speedy-yet-dramatic exit, OR a pre-imagined plan of attack on what to do.I broke down six common first-date woes and a three-step process for how to tackle each one: their teeth, this becomes a one-step process.Just tell them, "Ooh, you have a snowflake in your hair! But somehow, when your date has something stuck in their teeth saying something feels much more invasive.You could ignore the hunk of broccoli in the room (mouth), but when your date discovers it later, they'll know you left them hanging.When I walk into a location for a first date, I can almost all of the other patrons' eyes on me as if to say “Aw, she’s waiting for a first date…” Guess what? No one is paying attention to you at the bar, so try to treat showing up first to a date as though you just showed up first to meet a friend: 1.Set yourself up comfortably at the bar — then you can chat with strangers!

The year before, 71 couples whose weddings were announced by the Matt Lundquist, a couples therapist based in Manhattan, says he’s started taking on a less excited or expectant tone when he asks young couples and recently formed couples how they met.Try to gauge how apologetic your date is when they arrive — being late is definitely a turnoff, but it shouldn’t be a total deal breaker. Some people get nervous about first dates, and they go a little overboard on the booze. Order whatever you want as a first drink, just not shots.Try a beer or a martini first instead of throwing back tequila shots. Finally, make up an excuse for why you have to leave after one drink.Remind yourself that someone being late has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them.2.Text your date to check in, but also text all of your friends and read all of the articles on your phone if you feel weird about sitting at a bar alone (YOU SHOULDN’T! Pro tip: If it’s been over five minutes, order a drink and chat up the bartender.3. I love the idea of a buzz on a first date to loosen everybody up. However, I do not love the idea of being very drunk on a first date. If you get the sense that you're in an unsafe situation, leave.2.

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