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The main nightlife district in Trinidad is on Ariapita Avenue often just referred to as ‘the Avenue.’ This is the main pick up bar district in the Port of Spain or anywhere on the island and you want to be as close to here as possible if your goal is to get it in.It is a nice, safe, and touristy area where you don’t have to worry about your safety all that much.We probably should have just made this a Port of Spain, Trinidad sex and girls guide and not included Tobago because there is such little nightlife there.But we can’t remember the last time we heard someone mention one without the other so we went ahead and did it to.

Hooking up with the local women from a nightclub might be hard, but if you message them a week or ten days before your trip and build up a connection that will definitely make it more likely.

If you want to meet local Trinidad and Tobago girls online before you come then there are a couple of dating sites you can use.

The first would be Latin American Cupid, the second is Caribbean Cupid.

Many will tell you that the best nightlife here is found at local house or boat parties but obviously you will need some connections to get invited to them. You may also want to try to schedule your trip for Carnaval like the one they have in Rio.

It is in mid to late February each year and the local ladies will be looking to have fun and get laid.

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You will get lots of dark skinned girls, Latinas, and some very exotic mixes because so many races have lived here over the years.

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