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Sometimes other problems can also be detected on ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy.The 18 to 20 week pregnancy screening scan, also called an anomaly scan, is recommended to check the developing baby.If the ultrasound scan detects a problem, having the information early is often important. Inside Radiology: 18-20 week screening pregnancy ultrasound (published ). In some situations where a problem is detected during ultrasound, there may be treatments that can be undertaken or planned for while you are still pregnant. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. Several measurements are taken to check the baby’s growth and development.

However, if the genital area is difficult to visualise due to the baby’s position, it can be difficult to tell whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

This means that instead of moving the transducer device over the skin of your abdomen, a narrow device is gently inserted into the vagina to take images of the baby.

The sonographer (the health professional performing the ultrasound scan) may show you some of the images of your baby on the screen, and may also print some of the images for you.

Pregnancy ultrasounds offer an opportunity to check that your pregnancy is progressing as expected and that your baby is healthy. An alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test is a blood test that can show whether your fetus has signs of some birth defects, in particular, spina bifida (a type of neural tube defect) or chromosome abnormalities.

Many people feel reassured to see images of their developing baby. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. Congenital heart defects are problems with the structure of the heart that are present from birth. In Australia, as many as one baby in 100 is born with a heart defect.

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