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I am staring jealously at my brother; the day before he rode his first horse, alone. The sunnies swam brown-golden-rainbow in her lake, near the sand beach she brought in herself. Of the crow-blue mussel-shells, one keeps adjusting the ash-heaps; opening and shutting itself like an injured fan.

We always cheered when we hooked the surge of body and fin. The barnacles which encrust the side of the wave, cannot hide there for the submerged shafts of the sun, split like spun glass, move themselves with spotlight swiftness into the crevices— in and out, illuminating the turquoise sea of bodies.

We’ve netted 10 fishing poems for you to enjoy on a day when you’d rather be fishing.

The best part is you don’t have to find someone to bait your hook.

Zeal was never his greatest challenge when it came to having me on his boat; rather, the challenge was wheedling me into removing a fish from the hook, which I still say would be made easier if the fish would close its eyes and hold its breath, or at minimum, stop breathing from outside its body.

Now, I train other folks with ladders and tape measures to go and do likewise.

Sometimes, when I’m not scaling small buildings or crunching numbers with my bare hands, I read Keats upside down.

My grandfather sits to the far right in a folding chair, and I know his left hand is on the tobacco in his pants pocket because I used to wrap it for him every Christmas. — Rita Dove, author of Grace Notes floating atop the surface of the lake the moon’s silver coins slip through his fishing net — Dave Read Bamboo stick and he flicks his wrist, swings the line across continents. In the morning, I find it clipped to the soap dish in my shower: question mark glistening steam. — Marjorie Maddox On the gold rock, we used to sit with our primitive poles.

Grandmother’s hips bulge from the brush, she’s leaning into the ice chest, sun through the trees printing her dress with soft luminous paws. Sticks we gathered from grandmother’s broken maples, pins we tied by the head onto white string.

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Repeated evidence has proved that it can live on what can not revive its youth. —Marianne Moore A boy and his dad on a fishing-trip— There is a glorious fellowship!

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