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Prostitution was a source of income that allowed me to feel good about myself.

In the brothel setting, I was chosen and desired mainly for my sex appeal, which initially gave me an ego and fuelled some shallow tendencies.

I spent it instantly, because the money was alway available.

Louis Vuitton, Prada, silk blouses, fancy dresses, beautiful shoes.

They open their legs and perform things they don’t really like to men they don’t really like for a Louis Vuitton handbag. Indeed, I don’t really sell myself for bags and designer goods anymore.Prostitution allowed me to remain ‘higher’ class, but only later I realized the whole concept of CLASS is a terrible way to define oneself.I wasted many years trying to please the WRONG people, people who reject others because they don’t follow the norms of society.I am affectionate as a courtesan, but I am straight-forward with my emotions to my clients — I don’t fake love.Indeed, the political, social and economic structures that dominate most of the world are deeply influencing why women are seeking relationships based on wealth rather than based on love.

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The ‘modern, advance, glitzy’ world didn’t really make me happy.

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