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The question remains, can this theory accurately predict the radiogenic helium levels in zircon specimens from sites other than the Fenton Hill well?To answer this question, I will make some predictions based on RATE’s data and conclusions and then compare them with field observations.

The uranium/lead age gives the time of initial formation, while the helium age tells when the crystal cooled to a temperature at which the helium was essentially all retained.To estimate the remaining helium levels at various times I calculated the first 20 terms of the series (higher order terms are so small as to be irrelevant to the total).Figure 3 shows, for various times, the predicted helium level, as a fraction of the original for zircon crystals of 30 micron radius and a diffusion rate of 1E-18 cm/sec.Few areas of science have posed a greater challenge to Young-Earth Creationism than radiometric dating of rocks and minerals.These techniques, which have been in use for nearly a hundred years, show that rocks from the earth and moon, as well as some meteorites, are as old as 4.0 to 4.5 billion years.

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