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“…That wedding ring signifies success and stability which these lazy Nigeria girls like,” the anonymous user writes.

The idea for many young women who intentionally date married men, apparently, is that young men of their own age are yet to find their feet and would find it difficult to meet the outlandish demands to fund their opulent lifestyles.

“She says she does not want the clinginess that normal boyfriends often come with.

For some other babes, this is the attraction point. Having been with a married woman for a while and being a man in his mid-thirties and older would have enabled him to not just be more financially loaded, but also very experienced at treating women with more care and their bodies to more pleasure.This article takes you through the 15 ways to get a Nigerian girl over on a first date See Also: Nigerian Men Dating – To Date or not to Date1.To start with, Nigerian women are generally submissive and will always prefer strong and confident men over those that hint weakness.Why single women date married men The obvious first reason is for the financial benefits attached to such romantic affairs.An Instagram user shares his personal experience on Joro’s Instagram page within the period mentioned above.

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Dating married men is wrong The reasons for dating married people, no matter how logical they sound to those proffering them, are still not, and never will be enough, to justify the practice of dating someone else's husband.

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