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"Traditional ideas would lead them to feel embarrassed if they are less capable than their highly educated wives.They would have to work hard to prove they are actually more able than their wives, if not in academic respects, at least in others." At Yu's agency only half of the women Ph Ds who lowered their requirements succeed in finding a boyfriend, with the search typically requiring great patience."Many women Ph Ds are too negligent about their appearance, which is another reason for their unpopularity," he said. The lack of contact with the wider society has led many of them to still dress in the school girls' style," he said.Seeing eye to eye with Yu, Zheng Jie (not his real name) a Ph D student at Jiaotong University, said many women Ph Ds he saw on campus dressed too plainly.Good communication pathways connecting doctoral researchers amongst each other and with the MPG are essential for a successful exchange of these interests.Only in this way, a joint effort to secure and improve the quality of the doctoral degree can be made.The very title 'Doctor' so gorgeous when ornamenting a man, turns into a derogatory term when applied to women." According to Li, women after acquiring too much knowledge are believed to become "dried up, boring, and even no longer a woman at all." Jokes about women Ph Ds are not rare, for instance: "There are three types of people in the world 'men, women and women Ph Ds.'" Another joke quite popular among young Chinese compares educated women to the women characters in well-known writer Jin Yong's famous kungfu novels.

It was founded in 2003 to improve interdisciplinary cooperation, to optimize doctoral education and scientific exchange, and to strengthen academic solidarity.

When women are negligent about fashion, they are said to have lost their femininity, but people never say a man is not like a man if he doesn't pay careful attention to his appearance, Zhou said.

When women's traditional image is broken by women Ph Ds, society starts looking at them in a twisted way.

In this sense, the only men who would feel free to marry a woman Ph D would be those with Ph Ds or even higher qualifications themselves," Yu said. Many even attempted to find men with Ph Ds in the same field.

"The fact is, men with high degrees are quite popular among women," Yu said.

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