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Anyway I’m rambling now, but the dog is a 2 year old, energetic as fuck, attention whoring Doberman who is constantly all up in your shit and smells fucking awful, etc etc.

I wouldn't risk it by dating someone who already owns a dog.

Not a goddamn day goes by without me regretting moving in.

I’ll prolly make a full post (as if this isn’t long enough) about it because a lot of times I just feel so hopeless and lost because of this issue. If you feel this way about dogs and he places this much importance over a dog then its time to leave, do not waste years of irritation like I did with my ex and her two little mutts.

However, if I start dating I’m gonna let it be known from the get go that I don’t want dogs and I’ll never want dogs.

I won’t let anything progress to the point where I have to compare what’s more important: the relationship or my desire to be dogfree.

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At the time I didn’t think about it that much and he wasn’t really acting like a dog nutter.

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