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Ah, if only life were like a romantic comedy or advertising.

Valentine's Day is certainly a happy occasion for many.

The second phase involves the perpetration of violence.

For a number of people, the commercially designated day of love can actually cause stress, anxiety, unhappiness and even depression. (It's always good to comfort yourself with other people's miseries.) Seriously, though, it is much better to be single than in a bad relationship, and you shouldn't base your worth on a relationship.

Men who have witnessed or experienced violence in their family of origin are far more likely to perpetrate it in their romantic relationships.

On a couples level, domestic violence tends to persist due to a three phase self-reinforcing cycle: In the first phase, tension builds between the batterer and the woman.

Eiffel en Eden set up a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk in front of its entrance with a colorful message written in chalk that read: “On Valentine’s Day open the car door for her.

After Valentine’s Day open the car boot [trunk] for her.”“After so much effort to raise awareness of New Zealand's terrible violence against women a slow clap and a jaw drop for the most tone-deaf, unfunny sign in Auckland outside Eiffel en Eden on Dominion Road,” Ana Samways wrote.

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