Dating cancer woman

This is not unusual for the Moon-ruled since the Cancer sign also corresponds to the Crab.

It is likely she wears a metaphorical “suit of armor” to keep her soft, emotionally vulnerable interior protected from anything that might harm her, unintentionally or otherwise.

There are those who would take advantage of her deep kindness and need to nurture.

She will, therefore, need a continual reminder of your loyalty and trustworthiness as her past may haunt her heart in a way that makes her emotionally nervous and fearful of intense intimacy.

With the Moon governing this female, she may be prone to explainable mood swings.

She loves with all of her being and gives all of herself to those she loves.

You’ll need to give her some good vibes if you are going to gain her attention.

Show her you are genuine and that you can provide her with emotional security, and you are well on your way to gaining her eye so to speak.

Instead of hanging out at the mall or a bar, she’s more than happy to cater a party in her house.

Since the Moon has such an influence on bodies of water, when it comes to the Cancer Woman the Moon, she is a “go with the flow” kind of lady.

When the moon has a positive influence on a Cancer female, she’s one that seems to have ancient wisdom beyond her years.

She considers her environment her most sacred and protected space. So, the home serves as her shell, her retreat, and she is more than happy to spend a lot of time in the home where she is free to let down her guard without fear of her vulnerable nature being exploited.

She loves to do things in the home environment too.

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