Datagridview cellvalidating in c

This would create a black rectangular box on the form: To support the data grid view, the .

In both cases, the Edit Columns dialog box would come up: To create a column, click the Add button.In the Properties section, click the arrow of the Column Type field and select the desired one: The data grid view considers the column type as a cell template. NET Framework provides the Data Grid View Cell class.Except for the check box, you can use the Data Grid View Cell class to specify the type of cells a column should display.If you had clicked the button on the top-right section of the data grid view, you can click the Add Column button.In both cases, the Add Column dialog box would come up: The column of a data grid view is an object of type Data Grid View Column.

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You can display a context menu when the user right-clicks a column header or a row header.

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