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Furthermore, those who experience multiple sources have the highest rates of mental health symptoms (Eshelman & Levendosky, 2012).Cyber dating abuse specifically, tends to coexist with other forms of dating aggression and is highly correlated with experiences of psychological abuse (Temple et al., 2016; Zweig, Lachman, Yahner, & Dank, 2014).Cyber dating abuse is defined as abuse, threats, or harassment that is digitally perpetrated within a romantic relationship through technology or other forms of new media such as social network sites, text messages, or emails (Zweig, Dank, Yahner, & Lachman, 2013).Research examining cyber dating abuse has increased considerably in recent years, but to date, most studies are descriptive in nature and there remain many unanswered questions about the effects of cyber dating abuse on adjustment.To understand these negative outcomes in greater detail, researchers have often sought to explore the impact of specific types of dating violence (e.g., Ellis, Crooks, & Wolfe, 2009).

Cyber dating abuse is distinguished from traditional violence in two primary ways, both associated with easier perpetration (Melander, 2010).Studies show that a partner’s evaluations clearly affect one’s own self-evaluations (Leary, Tambor, Terdal, & Downs, 1995).As such, individuals are likely to collect self-perceptions from patterns of interactions between themselves and their romantic partners.First, technology is quite accessible and relatively easy to use, making these behaviors quick and easy to execute.Second, the electronic medium allows the perpetrator to easily turn private matters public, thus intensifying the victim’s feelings of vulnerability.

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