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The grid control has built-in data type validation enabled by default.If you enter a string value into a column bound to a numeric data field, and then, press ENTER or try to move focus away from the cell, the grid validates data input and raises an error as the string cannot be converted to a numeric value.Run the application, enter the invalid value and try to switch focus to another row.This is when row validation takes place and the default Error Dialog with the specified error text is invoked.

Further, let’s say that you’d like to know as soon as the user has made a change to their selection.After looking into the problem at some length, MSDN actually seems to offer the best solution right on their Cell Content Click event page. I like that it tells us very specifically what has happened to the grid at the point in time when the event is raised and handled.It’s important to note that this event will get called twice, once on changing the state of the cell to dirty (before committing changes) and once when changing the cell state back to ‘clean’ (after the changes have been committed).NET, but, not to fear, there are several easy work-arounds that will get the trick done.When you click a Check Box in a Data Grid View Check Box Column, the check marker will update immediately, but Cell Value Changed event on the Data Grid View will not fire until the user happens to click elsewhere and the cell has lost focus. Well, the Data Grid View thinks it’s a little preemptive to go declaring that the cell value has changed while you are still selected on it.

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This makes more sense when we think about a Text Box column.

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