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Museums reflect the history and cultural richness of the capital.This legacy, the City of Paris retain, expose it and make the share more, either by the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions.The following few dishes highlighted very specific products.The second entrée showed an interest and know-how of both local and exotic ingredients combined with products of Sylvain Erhardt, famous asparagicultor and the very tastful, colourful Japanese Sancho pepper.

I think the Assiette Champenoise should be a mandatory passage for any Grand cru and great wine visitors.

Apparently, this recipe was developed jointly with late Lallement fatherly.

The very deep-colored and fruity Laurent Perrier rosé really did work perfectly with the elegant plate.

During your visit, you will cross the history and the world through the greatest masterpieces of the Louvre.

From the medieval fortress to the universal museum, this tour traces the history of the royal palace and offers a route around the masterpieces of the museum collections : Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory, the Apollo Gallery the Coronation of Napoleon...

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