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Piz was witty, smart, genuine, and adorable in his own right.It's not surprising that Piz was great, given that the actor who plays him, Enlisted star Chris Lowell, is also all of those things. ) than Piz was at the end of the Veronica Mars movie? Sure, Lowell isn't exactly Leonardo Di Caprio famous, but he's not a Hollywood newcomer, either.He is an actor and director, known for The Help (2011), Up in the Air (2009) and Veronica Mars (2014).eeeek can you believe "the obvious signs: excessive flamboyance, eclectic eating habits, exaggerated wrist movements, perfect beard clipping, near-silent lisping and a propensity towards Barbra Streisand."They wouldn't dare print something like that about a cullud man.Well, i never doubted the fact that Christopher was gay, but then did'nt care either. He actually appeared in drag during the opening segment of his show once. [quote]"I just can't believe he's gay," says Jenny Talbot, a devoted fan and Lowell fanatic, "but if he's gay, I'm not sure where that leaves me."WTF? [quote] "It has been hard to hide my gayness from the adoring public," states Lowell, "but my producers thought it best to conceal that part of my identity."Oh please! Being closeted is one thing, but inventing a fake wife was obnoxious. Was that just a bald faced lie peddled by Christopher and the show's producers?If they were so paranoid that people would think he's gay, why did they play up his flamboyance so much?

Years later it became the University of Massachusetts at Lowell or UMass Lowell.

Both of them know how it feels to be the side of the love triangle no one is rooting for.

Agron's Glee character, Quinn, just couldn't compete with Rachel and Finn's star-crossed romance.

Yes, Logan and Veronica's love was beautiful and epic, but the real reason why I wanted Lo Ve to reunite had less to do with them and more to do with the other side of that triangle.

Stosh Piznarski (better known as Piz) was wasn't the typial blah boyfriend who acted as a stand-in for the guy who was really endgame.

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