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In the PC version, Granny has sold more than 5.000 units since your release. This is a game for kids ages 13 and up because it contains very graphic things.This scary game may be too scary for kids under 10.

Scary moments: The violent content is part of the scary moments content. The violent scenes might scare them or the enjoyment of watching the violence might make them want to be violent. At some point, the game turns out to be funny because the plot is not really happening.In the game, you have to help the granddaughter escape the house without getting caught or you will lose and she will get knocked out with a bat or killed.There are so many apps and games for kids and teens that are fun, educational, with remarkable quality of sketches, background etc., that make 'games' like this totally anacceptable, even maybe dangerous for the psyche of kids.(1990’s early 2000’s J- horror -think Kiyoshi Kurosawa).Terrified because no 6 yo should be desensitized like this. The game is not too graphic for kids because of the poor development of 3D imaging.

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