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Should you become a stepfather, you might have to prioritize your stepchild’s needs over the mother’s/your wife’s. If your goal is to be somebody's undisputed No. Are you humble enough to admit what you don’t know (and (cough) give up certainties and generalizations), invested enough to learn, and flexible enough to withstand jagged ups and downs without losing your nerve? What you “hear” only counts if you’re just looking for an out.1, then that's valid -- but then, don't be a parent, step- or otherwise.(3) "Amicable" and "split" do sometimes agree to be seen together in the same sentence. Email Carolyn at [email protected], follow her on Facebook at chat with her online at 9 a.m.Which isn't to say it's the main thing to worry about.The challenge of having to navigate life with a person you don't love completely? Like anything else, deciding how to deal with a big age difference is a matter of tradeoffs, and of possibility versus certainty.By CAROLYN HAXDear Carolyn: Is it advisable for a never-married man with no kids to get involved with a single mother?I know it’s never a good idea to generalize, but the answer I hear most often is an emphatic no, for many reasons.

Joining Antoniades will be advice columnist Carolyn Hax and professional matchmaker Paul C.Brunson Agency and has become recognized internationally as one of the most successful matchmakers. 29, 2013 Dear Carolyn: I’ve been in a relationship for three years with a wonderful man. Recently, though, my boyfriend is acting differently toward me …It's OK to date someone now with the intent of learning as you go. The pre-emptive breakup is for when you're sure someone or something isn't for you.To: "Dating Older": My husband is 19 years older than I am and we met after having both spent considerable time living independent lives.

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