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They were separated into specific ethnic-based enclaves kampungs, which is why in today's Jakarta there are some regions named after an ethnic-specific names such as; Kampung Melayu, Kampung Bali, Makassar and Kampung Ambon.

One of the earliest were Balinese slaves bought from Bali and Ambonese mercenaries.

A majority of the Betawi people follow Sunni Islam.

However, there are a significant number who profess the Christian faith.

Originally, circa 17th to 18th century, the dwellers of Batavia were identified according to their ethnics of origin; either Sundanese, Javanese, Malay, Ambonese, Bugis-Makassar, or Arabs and Chinese.

This was shown in the Batavia census record that listed the immigrant's ethnic background of Batavian citizens.

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