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Whatever your abilities are now, a weekend bootcamp will bring your skills to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

By 2005, word of Brad's success had spread so quickly that he began teaching underground dating seminars in New York City.

If used consistently, these exercises will reduce your approach anxiety, increase your social freedom, and give you confidence in all social interactions. began his journey to mastery in 2004 by spending 7 days a week every week going out meeting women and learning from the greatest Naturals ever to walk the earth.

Already being an expert in psychology and philosophy, he quickly developed a reliable, repeatable method for meeting, attracting, seducing, and dating top tier women anywhere his travels took him. is the creator and visionary of the Underground Dating Seminar and the 30/30 Club.

Doing the exercise itself never results in anything as scary as what your mind invents during the lead up.

Most students report back that the lead up is the worst part.

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Brad's teaching style comes from 5 years of being a social worker and 3 years of being a basketball coach.

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