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The Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay, Rodney Basil Price, who is best known from his stage name as "Bounty Killer" is one of the most aggressive dancehall stars of the '90s, is estimated to have a total net worth of .5 million which helps him to live a lavish lifestyle.

Bounty Killer in his musical career has remained incredible.

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He also has worked with Mobb Deep on Deadly Zone for the Blade.LONG TIME BOUNTY KILLER AH GO CHURCHPeople, a little birdie tell me say we the media get it wrong the other day, ah long time Bounty quietly ah go church wid Ms. All the praya warrior dem over Agape Fellowship know him because ah from last year when the bagga court case dem start some people did feel say the devil have him hooks inna Rodney and one big piece ah praying and fasting a gwaan over de fi him, so don't get it twisted, ah long time Bounty ah say the Lord is my salvation, who shall I fear?But him love the lifestyle too much so him nah go pull off a Papa San and run go inna the church fi change him life, and avoid the heathen.Now a free man, he says: "It feels good to be here in church, as it was God who allowed me to be bail, after spending almost two weeks, and the church came and pray fi mi before mi go court the last time.It really good man, to be in church," Price told THE STAR at the Agape Christian Fellowship church in Gregory Park.

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