Beauty and the geek couple dating after show

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She knew he was on the verge, and loved the control she had. You can play with them whenever you want Charlie, suck on my pretty little nipples or decorate them with your seed..." "Shit...

She leaned over and whispered into Charlie's ear "I bet if I talk real dirty I can get you off in about five minutes." "Yeah? Miley giggled, squirting a copious amount of lotion into her palm. " As Miley lifted her arms, Charlie reached and pulled her tee shirt off. Yours are perfect, it doesn't matter how big they are." Miley began coating Charlie's penis with the lotion, running both hands up and down his length. I know you need it every day, you need the release... I should probably service you every morning, jerk you off real good and drain your balls..." Stacy stared in amazement, "A month ago Darla was calling you a 'geek-lover', and now she's hitting on him? " Miley decided she'd seen enough and threw her books to the hallway floor, stalking towards Charlie's locker. " Darla turned and squinted at Miley, "I was just talking to Charlie..." "Whatever!" Miley spat, "I could see you flaunting those over-sized boobs of yours at him from halfway across the school! Like a deer caught in headlights who doesn't know what to do next, he froze. " Miley repeated, stepping as though she wanted to fight. She's right, we were only talking..." Charlie pleaded.your property." "Oh my god..." Charlie moaned, Miley's words arousing him. Or do you want me to swallow it, take your essence into my tummy and digest you... jeezus." Charlie was trying to think of something else, like Iron Man comics or Star Trek. Forming a circle with her thumb and middle finger, Miley rubbed just the head of Charlie's steel-like erection, her fingers stimulating the hardened ridge of his crown. Miley went back to stroking Charlie's full length, but slowly. My boobies belong to you Charlie." She continued to stroke him slowly, trying to get him off with her dirty talk rather than her hand.She increased the pace of her slick jacking, arms pumping in unison. "Tell me what you want baby..." "I want to cum on you..." Charlie gasped. She was edging him, glancing over at the clock with a smirk. "Go ahead and mark them as yours, so all the other naughty boys know that my titties are just for you.

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"Look at your thingy, it's so happy to see me." Charlie breathed out a laugh, "Isn't it always? "My bra too, I don't want your stuff to stain my clothes." Miley leaned forward and Charlie reached around to unclasp it. I love every inch of you, Miley." Biting her lower lip, Miley took Charlie's erection into both of her lotion-covered hands. "I wish they were bigger sometimes, that way I could titty-fuck you. I'll get all that cum out of your balls and help you relax." "You're so incredible Miley..." She beamed, pumping Charlie's cock steadily. that way you're nice and relaxed all day." Charlie stared at Miley's breasts as she continued to jack him off.

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