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The truth is despite fancying some action I'm also in a kind of "men are twats" place mentally so I need to wait for the dust to settle. Hi I'm pretty much the same age and was in the same position as you . I particularly liked the ones looking for friendship and see where it goes profiles .

There are also 'married dating' sites like ashley madison for attached people, however you will find some singles on there as well. One things for sure, if you're looking for casual, you will be inundated with men ranging from 18 to 60 and beyond. I'm not interested in attached blokes, though I suppose it can be hard to tell I don't think I'm ready to plunge in yet anyway - it's too soon - but I want to just look and see what's there and what the deal is.It's free, you don't have to put up a photo and you can fill in a fake profile if you want. ) sites, just be aware that men presenting themselves as single may not be.Don't go too mad though with your area or you won't see the relevant men for you and you can't change your age once it's on there. I think I saw an article with a conservative estimate of 30% .Depending on your location you'll find some online dating sites better then others. Put up a pic of me with lots of hair half covering my face and a cheeky grin.Free sites tend to be busy with that comes more dross to scroll through, in my experience paid sites do not mean better people I've seen the same people on every site. Got a lot of interest - even ended up going on 6 dates in 5 days at one point. And then I met someone after about a month, and it clicked. And he's so wonderful and I wish I'd met him years ago.

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