Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating radiometric dating made easy

I think he will eventually see sense and try to go back to Amanda who genuinely or did in the past anyway love him not cos he was famous and she get lots of coverage but cos thats how she really felt.

and I really came to believe that it’s fabiola whothefuckis gatti is writing all these comments with fake names to get attention..pathetic.. I recently was at all points west in New Jersey & got to meet mgmt!! He is a nice guy and i hope he found a person who understand his lifestyle. He stated that he wanted to protect her from how horrible it was all goin to get – his own words . Also if u listen to oracular spectacular practically every second word is love esp.andrew’s been with fabiola for like a year and i don’t think andrew could be the kind of guy who cheats on his girlfriend.I recently checked out nasrin leahys my space page and under STATUS she had written single.Hey give Narsin some credit for taking the time to post all these wonderful comments about herself (Narsin you forgot to add you discovered penicillin, how could you forget) You guys gotta agree with me she’s not as dumb as we thought, at least now we know she can type! Dude, Fabiola was in a surf band and has surfed all her life…I just read Andrew has taken up surfing and now he’s totally into surf music, surf culture…It’s pretty clear he’s been spending a lot of time with her.

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