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Note when the colonist first appears in the NZ Electoral Rolls (1865 ) and Wise's Directories (1872 ) might give a clue of year of arrival. Ltd - 301- b/w photographs Part One: Reward for Effort by J. Summers died in Taradale, Hawkes Bay on the August 27, 1998.Button, John 100 early South Canterbury Characters. Mainly biographies from Gillespie's South Canterbury a record of settlement. Summers was known worldwide as the "queen of romance"; she had 57 books published between 1957-97 and sold more than 20 million copies. Preston, Ivy Alice, 1913-2010 Ivy Alice Kinross was born in Timaru, 11 Nov. Backgrounds family links to Southburn and Scotland, her childhood, education and work as a housekeeper at Dunrobin Station before marriage in 1937 to Percival Edward James Preston. Died 1 April 2010 aged 96 and is buried at the Timaru Cemetery.2nd ed 1988 75pp New Zealand Historic Places Trust register of classified buildings. Drake, on behalf of the South Canterbury Aviation Heritage Centre, Feb. In 1855 James Mackenzie tried and thrown into Canterbury goal where he was driven to near madness. A novel based on the life of the infamous sheep stealer of South Canterbury, James Mackenzie and his dog, who exploits led to the discovery of the Mac Kenzie Country in 1855. Dowling, Vivyan - One Foot Out the Door South Canterbury 1915-39 by 142 p., 5]leaves of plates : ill. Drake, Douglas They served with Honour : experiences of South Canterbury airmen in World War II. Mc Neish sets the record straight with a reconstruction of Mackenzie's story.

81Timaru and South Canterbury New Zealand, 1950 : the city and the province today with some interesting glances at the past. The December number contains an editorial, a seasonable poem by Mr Johannes C. Glass, 15 Richard Pearse Drive, Temuka 8752, ISBN: 0473025264 (pbk.) 136 pp Albury and district, 1850-1994. Cricklewood Tales of Connor "Breed" South Canterbury. The story of the Connor family in South Canterbury, and all those mixed up with them; those friends and relatives from Fairlie and Timaru, but especially the Albury and Cricklewood kids, with illustrations/photographs. Included loose: folding Information brochure about Peel Forest Park, with maps. 1900): a 42-bullock team pulls away 78 bales of wool The opening of Barnard Street Primitive Methodist Church, Werry s Hotel, Timaru Rosina and Henry Dunstan Rosina (Mrs Dunstan) and her first baby The author s family. Rodolph Wigley, Entrepreneur 15 The Legendary Mick Bowie 16. " He then went to the Crown Hotel, had a drink and departed! and from recent explorations by Dr Haast & Dr Hector by J. Browning, Survey Office ; drawn by Alfred Jarman, Survey Office, Christchurch; Christchurch [N. The 1975 edition has 248 entries, and Mr Bartholomew has added 126, although some of those are cross-referencing earlier street names to their modern-day equivalents. This book presents the heritage of Timaru & South Canterbury through over 200 photos, sketches & plans with detailed captions & an introductory essay. Section One; Colour art frontis, 55 b/w photos, pictorial front e/papers, city map rear e/papers, Section two: 28 b/w illustrations, mainly contributor's sketches/drawings. The First Day Fire and Water Tension Mounts Pressures Amenities Airport, Fire Bridge, Reserves Gas Lighting Swimming Street names Power The Hundred Years Appendix Index Selbie, Len. Reference: Gillespie's High Endeavour: the Story of the Mackenzie Country; Dedicated to The discoverer, runholders, explorers, surveyors, boundary-keepers, shepherds, wagoners, packmen, shearers, shedhands, cooks, rouseabouts, rabbiters, roadmen - and to the women of the Mackenzie Country. With them you relive their fears and hopes, sorrows and joys, their failures and their successes in taming a wilderness". 16 March 2013 There were so many of them on the Levels Plain that their settlement was called Kerrytown. The Brosnahan family transfer to New Zealand was complete. One would have said that these must be the ultimate expression of loftiness, but soon the clouds parted and there, remote from them, was the shining horn of the great peak, the Cloud Piercer, Aorangi.Button said the columns came out of the books he had already written, or from his research for those books, of which he has written more than 20. There is also an account of 19th century New Zealand prisons. As well as a volume of poetry and textbook and gram mar references from his teach ing career, he has written six histories of districts, schools or churches in South Canterbury, beginning with South of the Burn: the Southburn story in 1992. Mc Neish goes beyond the legend of Mackenzie the sheep stealer. : Aoraki Women's Resource Centre, 1993 "Women's Suffrage = Whakatu Wahine, Aotearoa, New Zealand, 1893-1993." Should be obtainable via the Aoraki Women's Resource Centre or via Kerry Neilson. : Printed by the Timaru Herald, 1968, Commissioned by the Timaru City Council. Part One, Reward for Effort; Part Two, Contributions to Centennial Chest - Junior Citizens. During World War II, after her father's death, Mrs Williamson began her working life as a window-dresser and trained in corsetry. Published by the author 'The Gables' Timaru in March 1964. Endpapers - The first advertising brochure for Mount Cook. Little did she think that time would turn her dislike into deep affection, and that instead of staying for the compulsory five years residence she would remain for forty-five, and that on the very ground on which she then stood she would eventually see beautiful crops of lucerne grown by her son who was born about two years after her arrival. He built a darkroom at the Hermitage and his new wife Nora Quinn did much of the developing and printing. Harry Ayres: Mountain Guide 1982 Whitcoulls 160pp hb The story of New Zealand's greatest mountain guide: a teacher of Sir Edmund Hillary (who wrote the forward) and eventually, in the mid 50s, the chief ranger of the Mount Cook National Park. Mount Cook National Park Handbook (1959) Edited by W. This did not stop Temuka from progressing along its energetic way towards becoming a prosperous town. Parry, Gordon - Hakataramea hundred: a brief history of the activities in New Zealand of the New Zealand and Australian Land Company Ltd. : South Canterbury Centennial: The Timaru Herald commemorative issues, nos. John Wilson, BA 1964 and MA 1966 Canterbury and recently Ph D at Harvard was honoured by the Canterbury History Foundation for his long-applied energy in raising public interest in history. It is in the southern half of the South Island that the majority of truly great runs are maintained. The driver changed down and the engine whinned and roared. The head of the Pass was an open square of piercing blue. She was eligible for the Commonwealth Games but the war intervened. Her first sight of the barren tussock-covered country filled her with dismay. Adamson took over and also continued his guiding work. The home of one of the men working at Parr's flourmill near Kerry town was washed away and a mother and daughter were drowned. History for the Waitaki River and the three lakes - Tekapo, Pukaki and Ohau. Note: Supplements to The Timaru Herald, 1959, Friday, September 22, 1961. The result is a story which, told with a high countryman's understanding of and affection for country matters. "Jet-black and lowering," he said, "but there's a good smell in the air.""Watch ahead."The passenger dutifully peered through the rain-blinded windscreen and saw nothing to justify the driver's prediction but only a confusion of black cones whose peaks were cut off by the curtain of the sky. The road now hung above a gorge through whose bed hurried a stream, its turbulence seem but not heard at that height. "The mountain tops had marched away to the left and right.

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