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Furthermore, she is one of the founders of Lugemik Publishing and Bookshop, and is also the winner of Köler Prize 2015 grand prix.

The Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) is a self-established non-profit initiative, that situates itself somewhere between official state-run institutions and artist-run-do-it-yourself venues.

Anu Vahtra is an emerging young Estonian artist who is renowned for her artistic approach to site-specific space-oriented problematics and for the diligent methods of articulating them.

Her installations, which often include the medium of photography, capture the surrounding space into itself, making the site become both the subject and the physical form of the artwork.

The Baltic Centre for Russian Studies (BCRS), founded in 1999 and directed by former Estonian Prime Minister’s advisor Vladimir Yushkin[21], raised concerns over potential hybrid warfare risks posed to Estonia by Russia.[22] However, the BCRS’ activities remain elusive, and are visible only via the figure of Yushkin and his media appearances.

is an anti-propaganda blog operated by volunteers who are members of the Estonian voluntary Defence League (Kaitselit)[23] which works under the Ministry of Defence.[24] The blog is tasked with countering disinformation targeting Estonia.

Russia plays a significant role in shaping Estonian national security policy, and the events of 2014 in Ukraine only assured Estonia that its fears were justified.Increasingly, we assess companies’ ability to provide their service digitally.This sets new requirements for customer experience both in traditional environments, as well as online.This is why security is one of the main themes at this year's Cisco Connect, where we have the pleasure to welcome Cisco's North Europe Security Evangelist, Christian Heinel, to talk about what security means in an IOE-connected world.You will also have a chance to visit our partners at the Connect-area, to discuss and be inspired with the latest innovations and solutions.

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